List of various fees

A fee will be charged for issuance and use of the Xexon card.


Of the $600 issuance fee, $150 will be deposited on your Xexon card.

The cost to issue a Xexon card is 600 USD, of which 150 USD will be deposited into your opened bank account.
Xexon cards can be issued online from the comfort of your home and can be used at Visa merchants worldwide.
We hope you will take advantage of it.

Card issuance fee  450 USD
Account opening fee  150 USD
Card delivery fee  Free
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Various fees

Handling of Crypto currency  BTC,USDT(ERC20,BEP20,TRC20)
Handling of Fiat currency  USD
BTC withdrawal fee  0.1%+0.001 BTC
USDT withdrawal fee  0.1%+20 USDT
BTC Deposit fee free
USDT(ERC20) Deposit fee 20 USDT
USDT(BEP20) Deposit fee 0.2 USDT
USDT(TRC20) Deposit fee 3 USDT
Exchenge fee  3.5%
Card loading fee 0.25 USD
Annual fee  50 USD
Card transaction fee  0.75%
ATM balance inquiry  Free
ATM withdrawal fee  1.5%
ATM withdrawal limit  20,000 USD/Day
Payment limit  No limit
Deposit limit to bank account  No limit
Why choose the Xexon card?

3 benefits of using Xexon

Shopping and withdrawals

Visa cards accepted worldwide

With your Xexon card, you can enjoy shopping at VISA member stores around the world.
You can also withdraw cash from ATMs.
The ATM withdrawal fee is 1.5% and the balance inquiry is free.

Easy to issue

Low initial cost and worldwide availability

Xexon cards can be issued online and in many countries, including European and Asian countries.

Offshore Bank Account

Opening a bank account

An offshore bank account will be issued at the same time the card is issued.
The bank account to be opened is by JDB Bank, a major bank in Laos.

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Crypto debit card comparison

Name Card Initial Fee Issuable country US Arrowed Card Brand Spending Fee Daily Spending Limit ATM Withdrawal Limit Per Day ATM Withdrawal Fee ATM balance inquiry Annual Fee Crypto Exchenge Fee Card type Bank accounts USD load fee
Xexon Card 600 USD World Wide 0.75% No limit 20,000 USD 0.75% Free 50 USD 3.5% Debit 〇(Offshore Bank) 0.25 USD
TRASTAR  9 USD EU/EEA 5% N/A 300 EUR 2.25 + 3% EUR 0.35 EUR 15 EUR Free/there is an upper limit Pre-paid N/A Free
Embily Card  15 USD EU/EEA 1.5% N/A 500~2,500 EUR 1.5 + 0.7% EUR Free 2 EUR N/A N/A 1 EUR
Coinbase Card  Free EU Free 25,000 USD 1,000 EUR Free N/A Free Free Debit 2.49%
CLUB SWAN 128 USD World Wide 3%  N/A 1,500 USD 2% 1 USD 35 USD/ Monthly 3% Pre-paid N/A 3%
Binance Card Free EEA 0.9% 8,700 EUR 290 EUR 10.9% N/A Free 0.9% N/A N/A 1%
Advcash Card 110 USD World Wide × 0.75% N/A 3,000 USD 2.99 USD 0.25 Free 0.75% Pre-paid 1.95%

Of the 600USD issuance fee for the Xexon card, 150USD is an initial deposit to your bank account; the ATM withdrawal limit is as high as 20,000USD and the maximum payment is equal to your bank account balance. It also has many advantages, including the opening of an offshore bank account.